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erreurs du passé

Micron pens on paper and digital techniques

21 x 14,8 cm

Why we’re always trying to retain things that just don’t belong to us anymore? what is the reason to keep carrying that weight on our shoulders, that anxiety in our hearts? fear. Fear it’s what doesn’t allow us to let things go. fear to forget, fear to lose, fear to go forward without knowing exactly how things will go.
When we’ll be prepared to let things pass by, to thank what it was and it’s not anymore, we’ll stop forgetting, losing and being insecure. because we’ll have the essential things in our life, no more or less than that, so we’ll be light to fly whenever we want and also strong to stay in place wherever we want.
In a cold and peaceful afternoon, when I was on a road trip in the middle of the Écrins mountains in France I got inspired by the nature surrounding me, and I drew these wildflowers coming up from everywhere. Months later, while listening to the song Erreurs du Passé from the reggae french band Dub Inc. I remembered the brave wildflowers and I just put things together.