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Welcome to our blog!

Hi there everybody!

For those who don’t even know about me, I’m Júlia, the creative mind behind this brand that also has my name.👋

I’m 23 and currently running my own business as a freelance Illustrator and Pattern Designer. 🎨

I studied Audiovisuals and Multimedia, and when I discovered my devotion to graphic arts during my studies, I decided to do a stage in the UK where I studied Surface Pattern Design, and I loved it! So I decided to make a living through that.🎥🔛🖌

I was born in Figueres (yes, I’m from Dalí’s hometown, we’re all mad there🤪) but now I live in a small city near Barcelona that it’s called Girona, which I love so much.

Yellow is my favourite colour and I am totally crazy about penguins!💛🐧 I also consider myself a nature lover, so that’s why I enjoy drawing natural elements 🌱


But now, the big question is here: ‘Júlia what will we find in this blog you’re starting?’ Great one. There we’ll talk about young entrepreneurship, illustration and pattern design (of course), curiosities about myself and the work I do, and also green lifestyle tips!👩‍💻

Anyway I think that when you build up something, you can’t predict how it will come out, so I won’t stick too much, I’ll just let it flow. I’m convinced that with you we’ll build up this a great space to be, share and learn ♥️

You’ll be able to subscribe to the blog and never miss a thing I post there! 💚 As a VIP you’ll also have access to exclusive promotions on the shop and a lot of surprises that I have prepared for you!😎 Pst, pst, I’ve heard that when you subscribe, you can get for free (yes, you correctly listened😳) a range of patterned backgrounds for your phone!📲 Will you miss that? Let’s launch it!🚀



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